A selection of previous and current published work.

The Hark Programming Language

Making data pipelines and similar cloud applications easier to build and operate.


A growing collection of articles about writing Common Lisp, with aimed at people coming from other languages.

FPGA based Speech Recognition [old]


Lots of fun at the intersection of programmable logic and embedded software.

This is mostly obsolete now, neural networks are the way to do speech recognition.

Cache Performance Modelling in QEMU [old]

PDF and the code

Extended the MIPS CPU implementation in QEMU, adding a decent cache model.

Also obsolete (who uses MIPS?), but good fun learning about one of the only two hard things in computer science (naming things, and cache invalidation. ~ Phil Karlton).

MVC (holographic) Video [old]

PDF, and an overview poster.

Research project into compression and transmission of multiview (3D holographic) video data.